Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–921.04. Duties.

(a) The offices of DDOT shall plan, program, operate, manage, control, and maintain systems, processes, and programs to meet transportation needs as follows:

(1) The Project Delivery Administration shall:

(A) Manage and implement transportation improvement plans and projects;

(B) Develop and update the Intermodal State Transportation Plan, corridor management plans, and other traffic studies on a regular basis, focusing on the safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and information;

(C) Conduct planning studies on the condition and quality of the District’s transportation system in order to locate areas where future investment is required;

(D) Manage and construct capital projects related to the design and installation of streets, alleys, curbs, gutters, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, streetscapes, and medians;

(E) Review and approve the use of construction materials for capital projects;

(F) Administer the full range of processing required to execute construction contracts for transportation, from initial preparation of bid documents through final construction completion;

(G) Implement managed lane policies, including lane pricing, vehicle eligibility, and access control; provided, that at least one lane of traffic on a street with managed lanes shall be free of charge; provided further, that DDOT shall submit to the Council any policy created pursuant to this subparagraph for approval by act before implementation;

(H) With the consent of the Chief Property Management Officer, acquire real property by purchase, lease, grant, or gift for use by DDOT, and dispose of real property through sale, lease, or other authorized method, and exercise other acquisition and property disposition authority delegated to the Mayor;

(I) Conduct studies;

(J) Develop streetscape standards;

(K) Develop policies and programs to encourage and provide for the safe use of bicycles for recreation and work-related travel, including planning, developing, operating, and regulating a Bicycle Sharing program, and administering the Bicycle Sharing Fund established by § 50-921.16 to fund a Bicycle Sharing program;

(L) Develop and update the District’s various transportation improvement plans, consistent with federal and local requirements;

(M) Plan, manage, and contract for all, or any part of, the design, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of any element of the Integrated Premium Transit System;

(N) Develop paratransit systems, water taxis, tour bus support systems, light rail streetcar transit systems, and other transportation services to provide for safe and efficient movement of persons throughout the city;

(O) Operate the District of Columbia School Transit Subsidy Program;

(P) Prepare studies on mass transit needs of District residents, including rail and bus services, review and revise bus routes, review and revise the location of bus shelter locations, support WMATA Board members, and act as a liaison between WMATA and the District government;

(Q) Operate, maintain, and regulate the DC Circulator pursuant to subchapter II of this chapter;

(R) Operate, maintain, and regulate the DC Streetcar pursuant to subchapter IV of this chapter;

(S) Submit to the Transit Rider Advisory Council proposed fare or service adjustments, as that term is defined in § 50-921.35(a-1)(3);

(T) Submit to the Transit Rider Advisory Council strategic or long-term plans to expand and improve local transit service;

(U) Develop and implement transportation safety programs; and

(V) Incorporate transportation safety features in the development, design, and construction of pedestrian, bicycle, motor vehicle, and mass transportation facilities and programs.

(2) The Project Delivery Administration may enter into agreements to allow the private sponsorship of bicycles, equipment, and facilities used in the Bicycle Sharing program, and the placement of a corporate logo, slogan, or other indicia of sponsorship on the bicycles or facilities, and on related websites and social media; provided, that an agreement that would modify the name or design of any part of the Capital Bikeshare system, including equipment or facilities, shall be submitted to the Council for a 30-day period of passive review before execution. The agreement submitted to the Council shall include detailed information about a proposed name or design. All proceeds collected from a private sponsorship agreement shall be deposited into the Bicycle Sharing Fund established by § 50-921.16.

(2A) Not Funded.

(3) The Operations Administration shall:

(A) Maintain a tree inventory system;

(B) Perform routine tree maintenance;

(C) Review transportation related construction plans to ensure the provision of adequate rights-of-way for tree planting;

(D) Plant and maintain trees on public space and on District-owned land, including parks and school property;

(D-i) Remove and trim trees citywide;

(D-ii) Review construction plans for the District of Columbia Public Schools, the Department of General Services, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and other District agencies to ensure the tree canopy is protected;

(E) Review, approve, and issue public space permit requests for occupancy, work within, or other use of the public space, including private use and utility work public space requests, and ensure that transportation services are maintained and that the infrastructure is restored after the occupancy, work within, or other use is complete;

(F) Maintain official public space records;

(G) Perform regular inspections of the transportation system infrastructure;

(H) Enter into agreements to allow the placement of advertisements on District property, under the control of DDOT, and collect payments under the agreements, if:

(i) The placement of the advertisement is not in violation of District or federal laws, regulations, or orders; and

(ii) All proceeds collected from the advertising agreement shall be paid into the DDOT Enterprise Fund for Transportation Initiatives, established under § 50-921.13; provided, that proceeds related to advertisements on bicycles, equipment, or facilities used for the purposes of the Bicycle Sharing program shall be deposited into the Bicycle Sharing Fund established by § 50-921.16; provided further, that proceeds relating to private sponsorship of vehicles, equipment, and facilities used in the DC Circulator program shall be deposited into the DC Circulator Fund established by § 50-921.33; provided further, that proceeds relating to private sponsorship of vehicles, equipment, and facilities used in the DC Streetcar program shall be deposited into the DC Streetcar Fund established by § 50-921.73;

(I) Develop, implement, and enforce a comprehensive plan that covers the care, maintenance, and upkeep of public space and federal reservations under the control of DDOT;

(J) Ensure that the transportation system is maintained to the highest standards;

(K) Perform routine repair and maintenance activities to maintain a high quality of transportation infrastructure;

(L) Coordinate seasonal snow removal operation on streets throughout the District in conjunction with the Department of Public Works and other District agencies;

(M) Maintain the mechanical and electrical street light systems that support the transportation infrastructure;

(N) Provide a safe transportation system by maintaining a high-quality traffic control system, including traffic signals and street lights;

(O) Maintain the mechanical and electrical systems signal systems that support the transportation infrastructure;

(P) Where necessary to manage the flow of traffic, respond to incidents, or manage special events, concurrent with any other agency’s authority to do so, enforce all violations of statutes, regulations, executive orders, or rules relating to motor vehicle parking offenses and the operation of a motor vehicle, except those violations contained in § 50-2302.02;

(Q) Allocate and regulate on-street parking;

(R) Develop a city-wide parking management program to balance the needs of parking in support of economic development;

(S) Establish citywide parking and curbside management regulations, taking into account input from other District agencies, as necessary;

(T) Install and maintain parking meters and other parking control devices and systems on public rights-of-way and other public spaces in the District; and

(U) Establish policies encouraging energy conservation, the reduction of pollution, including through the use of alternative-fuel vehicles, the reduction of traffic congestion, and an increase in transportation services to persons with disabilities.

(3A) Not Funded.

(4) The Administrative Administration shall develop alternative methods of financing transportation projects and services to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

(5) The Performance Administration shall:

(A) Develop and maintain a performance monitoring system to measure the quality and effectiveness of transportation services; and

(B) Develop and maintain the transportation elements of the Geographic Information System.

(C) Not Funded.

(D) Not Funded.

(b) For the purposes of this section, the term:

(1) “DC Streetcar” means a fixed guideway transit network offering rail passenger service operated by the District government or its agent.

(2) “Integrated Premium Transit System” means an integrated transit system composed of any or all of the DC Streetcar, bus service operated or managed by, or on behalf of, the District government consistent with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact, and facilities including buildings, other structures, and parking areas appurtenant to the DC Streetcar and bus service.