Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–921.03. Organization.

There is established within DDOT the following offices and divisions:

(1) The Office of the Director, with subordinate staff responsible for:

(A) Legal affairs;

(B) Civil rights matters;

(C) Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, approved July 26, 1990 (104 Stat. 327; 42 U.S.C. § 12101 et seq.);

(D) Senior and elderly affairs; and

(E) Policy and legislative affairs;

(2) The Project Delivery Administration, with subordinate staff responsible for:

(A) Design and engineering and related support;

(B) Street and bridge construction project management and related support;

(C) Material inspection and testing;

(D) Project materials specification review;

(E) Construction project review and coordination;

(F) Construction contract execution;

(G) Intermodal planning;

(H) State Transportation Environmental Compliance;

(I) Project Identification and Development;

(J) DC Circulator bus service;

(K) DC Streetcar service;

(L) Freight and passenger rail, to the extent such authority has been delegated or required by federal law;

(M) Mass Transit Policy, with functions to include supporting the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority ("WMATA") Board members and acting as a liaison between WMATA and the District government on matters including:

(i) Alternative transportation; and

(ii) School transit subsidy; and

(N) Traffic safety planning, engineering, and construction;

(3) The Operations Administration, with subordinate staff responsible for:

(A) Tree planting and maintenance;

(B) Tree inventory management;

(C) Public space permits and records;

(D) Investigations and inspections relating to public space regulations;

(E) Asset management;

(F) Bridge and street maintenance;

(G) Streetlight management;

(H) Traffic operations and safety;

(I) Transportation systems management;

(J) Traffic sign fabrication and installation;

(K) Concurrent with any other agency’s authority to do so, the enforcement of violations of motor vehicle parking offenses and violations of motor vehicle moving offenses, where necessary to manage the flow of traffic, respond to incidents, and manage special events;

(L) Parking, carsharing, tour bus, and motor carrier regulation, permitting, and operations; and

(M) Advertisements on parking meters, including the back of receipts printed out by multi-space parking meters;

(4) The Administrative Administration, with subordinate staff responsible for:

(A) Human resources;

(B) Workforce development;

(C) Budget and financial services;

(D) Financial planning and management; and

(E) Contracting and procurement; and

(5) The Performance Administration, with subordinate staff responsible for:

(A) Coordinating and managing transportation system data;

(B) Customer service;

(C) Coordinating and managing the agency’s fleet, warehouses, and other facilities; and

(D) Technology and information services.