Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2851.03. Endorsement categories; exemptions.

(a) Endorsements to a basic business license shall be issued in the following license endorsement categories:

(1) Repealed.

(2) Educational Services;

(3) Entertainment;

(4) Environmental Materials;

(5) Financial Services;

(6)(A) Housing: Transient;

(B) Housing: Residential;

(C) Short-Term Rental; and

(D) Short-Term Rental: Vacation Rental[;]

(7) Inspected Sales and Services;

(8) Manufacturing;

(9) Motor Vehicle Sales, Service, and Repair;

(10)(A) Public Health: Health Care Facility;

(B) Public Health: Human Services Facility;

(C) Public Health: Child Health and Welfare;

(D) Public Health: Public Accommodations;

(E) Public Health: Pharmacy and Pharmacology;

(F) Public Health: Funeral Establishment;

(G) Public Health: Radioactive Materials;

(H) Public Health: Biohazard;

(I) Public Health: Food Establishment Wholesale; and

(J) Public Health: Food Establishment Retail;

(11) Public Safety;

(11A) Stun Gun;

(12) Employment Services;

(13) General Sales;

(14) General Services and Repair; and

(15) General Business.

(b) All Class A or Class B license endorsements to master business licenses issued by the Department prior to the effective date of the Streamlining Regulation Emergency Act of 2003, passed on an emergency basis on July 8, 2003 (Enrolled version of Bill 15-317) [August 11, 2003], are hereby redesignated as license endorsements, without designation of class, to a basic business license. Nothing in the foregoing shall be read as eliminating the criteria, established either by rule or statute, that govern the awarding of any license endorsement affected by this section.

(c) The Department shall maintain and periodically update a roster of all businesses which have been issued a basic business license, indicating the license endorsements appended to each basic business license.

(d) The following licenses shall not be a part of the basic business license system and shall be regulated by the Department of Health:

(1) Dog-Spayed; and

(2) Dog-Unspayed.

(e) A vendor who sells more than 5 stun guns in a 12-month period shall obtain a stun gun endorsement under subsection (a)(11A) of this section on its basic business license from the Department on a form provided by the Department. No additional information shall be required for the issuance of a stun gun endorsement.