Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–132.04. Coordination of school security efforts between DCPS and MPD.

By October 1, 2020, DCPS and MPD shall enter into a MOA for the purpose of coordinating the agencies' respective security obligations at DCPS schools. The MOA shall:

(1) Reflect DCPS's role as the administrator of any security-related contract;

(2) Include provisions for effectuating the transfer of any personnel, property, funds, or records necessary to transfer responsibility for any existing security-related contract from MPD to DCPS;

(3) Delineate lines of authority, supervision, and communication between MPD and DCPS, including how school resource officers deployed at each school will provide security in coordination with the school's principal and school security personnel; provided, that during emergencies, incident command shall be consistent with the District of Columbia response plan, as defined by § 7-2301(1A);

(4) Include a process for resolving disagreements between DCPS and MPD at all levels; and

(5) Provide for MPD advice and consultation on DCPS school building security and emergency operations plans.