Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–132.03b. Training for school security personnel.

(a) For the school year beginning in 2020, DCPS may use the training curriculum adopted by MPD pursuant to § 5-132.03 to train its school security personnel.

(b) By the start of the school year beginning in 2021, DCPS shall adopt a school security personnel training curriculum based on the positive youth development philosophy. The curriculum shall focus on training supervisory and on-site personnel to provide security services responsive and appropriate to the student, staff, and family populations at each school building. At a minimum, the curriculum shall include training in the following areas, developed with advice from appropriate other District agencies:

(1) Child and adolescent development;

(2) Effective communication skills;

(3) Behavior management;

(4) Conflict resolution, including restorative justice practices;

(5) De-escalation techniques;

(6) Behavioral health issues for youth and families;

(7) Child sexual abuse and gender-based violence prevention, identification, and response;

(8) Availability of social services for youth;

(9) District of Columbia laws and regulations;

(10) Constitutional standards for searches and seizures conducted by school security personnel on school grounds; and

(11) Violence prevention, including gang and crew dynamics.