Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–561.01. Definitions.

For the purposes of this subchapter, the term:

(1) "Case Review Subcommittee" means the SART Case Review Subcommittee established by § 4-561.14.

(2) "Consumption litigation" means litigation in a criminal proceeding initiated by notification to the defense of the need to consume an entire DNA sample in forensic testing.

(3) "DC SANE Program" means the DC Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program that provides comprehensive medical forensic care to sexual assault victims, including:

(A) The DC Forensic Nurse Examiners;

(B) The Child and Adolescent Protection Center; and

(C) Any other entity within the District that is a member of the SART or the multidisciplinary investigation team, as described in § 4-1301.51.

(4) "DFS" means the Department of Forensic Sciences.

(5) "Hospital" means a facility that provides 24-hour inpatient care, including diagnostic, therapeutic, and other health-related services, for a variety of physical or mental conditions, and may, in addition, provide outpatient services, particularly emergency care.

(6) "Independent expert consultant" means the individual retained pursuant to § 4-561.04 and charged with the duties and obligations specified in § 4-561.05.

(6A) Not Funded.

(7) "MPD" means the Metropolitan Police Department.

(8) "OCME" means the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

(9) "OVSJG" means the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, established by Mayor's Order 2016-171.

(10) "PERK" means a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit used to collect and preserve physical evidence related to a sexual assault or alleged sexual assault.

(11) "SART" means the Sexual Assault Response Team established by § 4-561.12.

(12) "Sexual assault" shall have the same meaning as provided in § 23-1907(9).

(13) "Sexual assault victim" means an individual against whom a sexual assault has been committed or is alleged to have been committed, including a deceased individual.

(14) "Sexual assault victim advocate dispatch system" means the system developed by OVSJG and approved by the SART, pursuant to § 23-1909(e).

(15) "Task Force" means the Sexual Assault Victims' Rights Task Force established pursuant to § 4-561.15.