Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–1301.51. Mandatory investigation of child abuse and neglect cases by multidisciplinary team.

(a) Every instance of sexual abuse of a child shall be reviewed and investigated by a multidisciplinary investigation team (“MDT”), which shall focus, first, on the needs of the child, and, second, on the law enforcement, prosecution, and related civil proceedings. The MDT may handle other instances of child abuse and neglect as identified in the protocol provided in subsection (b) of this section.

(1) A MDT shall consist of one or more representatives of the:

(A) Metropolitan Police Department;

(B) Child and Family Services Agency; and

(C) Office of the Corporation Counsel.

(2) The Office of the United States Attorney and the Children’s Advocacy Center shall be requested to designate one or more representatives to serve on a MDT, and those designated representatives shall be included on the MDT.

(3) A MDT may also include:

(A) A representative of the District of Columbia Public Schools;

(B) Licensed mental health practitioners;

(C) Medical personnel;

(D) Child development specialists;

(E) Victim counselors; and

(F) Experts in the assessment and treatment of substance abuse.

(b) The MDT shall adopt a written child abuse protocol to ensure coordination and cooperation among all agencies investigating and prosecuting cases arising from alleged child abuse or neglect to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the agencies handling the cases and to facilitate the provision of services to children and families. The protocol shall:

(1) Define additional categories of abuse and neglect cases, in addition to sexual abuse, which will be handled by the MDT;

(2) Outline in detail the procedures to be used in investigating and prosecuting cases arising from alleged child abuse or neglect; and

(3) Outline in detail the methods to be used in coordinating treatment programs and other services to the child, the family, and the perpetrator.

(c) Repealed.