Code of the District of Columbia

§ 4–561.05. Duties and obligations of the independent expert consultant.

The independent expert consultant shall have the following duties and obligations:

(1) In consultation with the Task Force, assess and recommend modifications to MPD policies and protocols to ensure the MPD has a detailed and victim-centered sexual assault response policy that comports with best practices and current professional standards and incorporates the requirements of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Model Policy on Sexual Assaults or other current best practices in law enforcement;

(2) Assess training provided to MPD officers, detectives, and recruits to ensure that:

(A) The training incorporates developments in applicable law and current best practices;

(B) Testing is done to ensure that MPD personnel taking the training comprehend the material taught; and

(C) Investigators conducting sexual assault investigations and personnel who supervise the review of sexual assault investigations are provided in-depth specialized training consistent with best practices;

(3) Review a random sample of MPD files and records related to cases arising after March 2013, including:

(A) Sexual assault investigative files, forms, and reports, including allegations, office information cases, and other cases with sexual elements that may not have been classified as a sexual assault case; and

(B) Feedback provided to the MPD from members of the public about the MPD’s response to sexual assault cases, including surveys, complaints, and any other feedback provided through e-mail or the MPD’s web page;

(4) Conduct confidential interviews, when necessary, with forensic nurse examiners, sexual assault victim advocates, MPD personnel, and others with direct knowledge of how the sexual assault response process is functioning;

(5) Within 120 days after the date of being retained by the OVSJG, audit all PERKs in storage to determine if all PERKs in which a sexual assault victim reported a sexual assault to MPD have been delivered to the DFS for processing;

(6) Protect the confidentiality of all MPD files and records; and

(7) Within the reports produced by the independent expert consultant, protect the confidentiality of the underlying investigations.