Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–104. Board authority to grant licenses.

(a) The Board may issue licenses to persons who meet the requirements set forth in this title.

(b) All licenses issued under this title, except for a festival license, temporary license, farmer's market license, or pub crawl license issued under § 25-115, shall be valid for a term of 3 years and may be renewed upon completion of the procedures set forth in this title and payment of the required fees.

(c) A license to sell alcoholic beverages in the District can be granted only by the Board upon completion of the application and review process as contained in this title.

(d) Except as set forth in subchapter II of this chapter, each license or permit shall particularly describe the place where the rights of the license are to be exercised.

(e) The Board, in issuing licenses, may require that certain conditions be met if it determines that the inclusion of the conditions will be in the best interest of the locality, section, or portion of the District where the licensed establishment is to be located. The Board, in setting the conditions, shall state, in writing, the rationale for the determination.

(f) Unincorporated associations, other than limited liability companies, shall not be issued a license other than a festival license or a temporary license.