Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–115. Temporary license requirements and qualifications.

(a) A temporary license shall authorize the licensee temporarily to sell or permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the specific premises described for consumption on the premises where sold. The license may be issued for a banquet, picnic, bazaar, fair, or similar public gathering where food is served for consumption on the premises. No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or served to a customer in an unopened container.

(b) A temporary license shall be issued for no more than 4 consecutive days.

(c) The issuance of a temporary license shall be solely in the discretion of the Board.

(d) If the applicant has failed to control the environment of a previous event associated with a temporary license or has sustained community complaints or police action, the Board may deny the license application.

(e) There shall be 2 classes of temporary licenses:

(1) Class F (beer and wine); and

(2) Class G (spirits, beer, and wine).

(f) The holder of a temporary license shall be permitted to receive deliveries from a wholesaler up to 48 hours before a Board-approved event occurring on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. The alcoholic beverages delivered pursuant to this subsection shall not be consumed until the date and time of the event and shall be stored in a secure location.