Code of the District of Columbia

§ 21–2221.14a. Establishment of an electronic medical orders for scope of treatment registry.

(a) To facilitate the use of cloud-based technology for electronic Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment ("MOST") Forms, the DOH shall issue a request for proposals from and contract with an electronic MOST service or multiple electronic MOST services to connect with health care providers at the point of care through the State-designated health information exchange.

(b) A MOST registry shall:

(1) Be approved by the MOST Advisory Committee established pursuant to [§ 21-2221.03];

(2) Meet the technology, security, and privacy standards set by the MOST Advisory Committee; and

(3) Allow for the authentication of a declarant's identify for a MOST form that is not witnessed.

(c) DOH shall carry out appropriate education and outreach efforts to increase public awareness of an electronic MOST service.