Code of the District of Columbia

§ 21–2221.03. MOST Advisory Committee.

(a)(1) DOH shall establish the MOST Advisory Committee.

(2) DOH shall appoint the 11 members of the MOST Advisory Committee. Except as provided in paragraph (3) of this subsection, members of the advisory committee shall be appointed for terms of 6 years.

(3) Of the members initially appointed under this section, 3 shall be appointed for a term of 2 years, 4 shall be appointed for a term of 4 years, and 4 shall be appointed for a term of 6 years. The terms of the members first appointed shall begin on the date that a majority of the first members are sworn in, which shall become the anniversary date for all subsequent appointments.

(4) The MOST Advisory Committee shall include:

(A) One representative from an EMS agency;

(B) One commercial EMS representative;

(C) One pediatric health care professional;

(D) Two physicians, advanced practice nurses, or other health care professionals involved in treating patients;

(E) One representative of a long-term care facility;

(F) One representative of a skilled nursing facility;

(G) One representative of an acute care hospital;

(H) Two representatives of a disability advocacy group; and

(I) One representative of a patient advocacy group.

(b) The MOST Advisory Committee shall:

(1) Assist DOH in the development and periodic review of the MOST Form;

(2) Promote public awareness about the option to complete a MOST Form;

(3) Provide recommendations to DOH for ongoing training of health care professionals and EMS personnel about best practices regarding the use of a MOST Form and the nature and development of related medical protocols; and

(4) Develop an electronic MOST Form pursuant to § 21-2221.14a.