Code of the District of Columbia

§ 16–2342.01. Voluntary acknowledgement of paternity.

(a) The voluntary acknowledgment of paternity pursuant to section 16-909.01(a)(1) shall:

(1) Create a conclusive presumption of paternity, consistent with § 16-909.01(b), which shall be admissible as evidence of paternity, unless the acknowledgement was signed in the District and it is proven that the requirements of § 16-909.01(a)(1) were not fully met; and

(2) Be recognized as a basis for seeking a child support obligation without requiring any further proceeding to establish paternity.

(b) Judicial or administrative proceedings are not required or permitted to ratify an unchallenged acknowledgment of paternity pursuant to section 16-909.1(a)(1).

(c) The IV-D agency is authorized to obtain voluntary acknowledgments of paternity in a manner that complies with the same requirements that apply to birthing hospitals as set forth in section 16-909.03.

(d) An acknowledgment shall be admissible in any judicial proceeding to determine parentage.