Code of the District of Columbia

§ 16–2345. New birth record upon marriage or determination of parents.

(a) When a certified copy of a marriage certificate is submitted to the Registrar, establishing that the previously unwed parents of a child born out of wedlock have intermarried subsequent to the birth of the child, and the parentage of the child has been judicially determined or acknowledged by each of the parents, or when the parenthood of a child born out of wedlock has been established by judicial process or by acknowledgement by the person whose parenthood is thus determined, or when an agreement and affidavit that meet the requirements of section 16-909.01(a)(2) are submitted to the Registrar, or when a consent to parent a child born by artificial insemination pursuant to sections 16-909(e)(1)(A) and 7-231.08(l)(6), is submitted to the Registrar, a new certificate of birth bearing the original date of birth and the names of both parents shall be issued and substituted for the certificate of birth then on file. The new birth certificate shall nowhere on its face show that the parentage has been established by judicial process or by acknowledgement. The original certificate of birth and all papers pertaining to the issuance of the new certificate shall be placed under seal and opened for inspection only upon order of the Family Division.

(b) Voluntary acknowledgments and adjudications of paternity by administrative processes that meet federal requirements and are obtained in accordance with sections 16-909.03 through 16-909.05 and 16-2342.01(c), shall be filed with the Registrar of Vital Records.