Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–309.05. Advisory Neighborhood Commissions — Qualifications of members; nomination by petition.

(a)(1) No person shall be a member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission unless the person:

(A) Is a registered qualified elector actually residing in the single-member district from which the person was elected;

(B) Has been residing in such district continuously for the 60 days immediately preceding the day on which the person files the nominating petitions as a candidate as such a member;

(C) Holds no other elected public office; and

(D) With the exception of a member representing the single-member district that includes the Central Detention Facility and Correctional Treatment Facility, has not been convicted of a felony committed while serving as a Commissioner.

(2) For the purpose of this subsection, the term “elected public office” means the offices of Mayor, Chairman or member of the Council, member of the State Board of Education, and the Delegate to the House of Representatives.

(b)(1) Candidates for member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission shall be nominated by a petition:

(A) Prepared and presented to the Board in accordance with regulations of the Board no later than the 90th calendar day before the date of the election in which the person intends to be a candidate; and

(B) Signed by not less than 25 registered qualified electors who are residents of the single-member district from which the candidate seeks election.

(2) Such petitions shall be made available by the Board no later than the 120th calendar day before an election for members of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

(3) Petition sheets circulated in support of a candidate shall be filed with the Board in hard copy but may be electronically provided by the:

(A) Board to the candidate;

(B) Candidate to a qualified petition circulator; and

(C) Qualified petition circulator to the candidate.

(4) No signature on a petition sheet shall be invalidated because the signer was also the circulator of the same petition sheet on which the signature appears.

(5)(A) If the election is for a member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission representing the single-member district containing the Central Detention Facility and Correctional Treatment Facility:

(i) The Board shall develop, and the Department of Corrections shall distribute, lay-friendly educational materials for individuals in the Department of Corrections' care and custody about how to register to vote and how to vote, residency and elections requirements to run for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, and the functions of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission; and

(ii) The Department of Corrections shall facilitate the transmission of petition sheets to any candidates who are in its care and custody, petition circulation among the registered qualified electors in its care and custody, and transmission of those petition sheets from candidates in its care and custody to the Board.

(B) No Department of Corrections employee properly exercising their duties pursuant to the requirements of subparagraph (A) of this paragraph shall be found to have committed a violation of the District's Code of Conduct, as defined in § 1-1161.01(7) or Chapter 11B of this title, for so doing.