Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–301.13. Regulation of public vehicles-for-hire.

(a) The DFHV may issue any reasonable rule relating to the supervision of public vehicles-for-hire it considers necessary for the protection of the public.

(b) The DFHV may establish standards, criteria, and requirements for the licensing of the different classes of public vehicles-for-hire and the owner and operators thereof, and may establish appropriate classes of license fees for the ownership and operation of public vehicles-for-hire subject to the requirements of this section, provided that no license requirement for operating authority shall be mandated by the DFHV which is duplicative of the jurisdiction of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission.

(c) No person, corporation, partnership, or association shall operate a public vehicle-for-hire in the District without first having procured all applicable licenses and meeting all requirements as mandated by the DFHV. Any violation of this subsection shall subject a violator to a civil fine not to exceed $500.

(c-1) Repealed.

(d) The DFHV may establish reasonable civil fines and penalties for violation of any rule issued pursuant to the authority of this section.

(e) All rules and regulations applicable to public vehicles-for-hire in effect before October 22, 2012, that are consistent with this subchapter shall remain effective until amended or repealed by the DFHV.