Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–132.02. Establishment of the Metropolitan Police Department School Safety Division; functions of the School Safety Division.

(a) There is established within the Metropolitan Police Department a School Safety Division that shall provide school resource officers to the DCPS schools and public charter schools.

(b) The School Safety Division shall be headed by a Director, appointed by, and reporting to, the Chief of Police with rank equal to a Commander or above.

(c) The School Safety Division shall:

(1) Hire and train school resource officers;

(2) Deploy school resource officers to:

(A) DCPS schools, consistent with the terms of the MOA; and

(B) Public charter schools;

(3) Coordinate with DCPS and public charter schools regarding the use and sharing of resources and communications between MPD and school-specific safety teams; and

(4) Provide recommendations to the Mayor, Council, and the DCPS Chancellor regarding the impact of school closings, consolidations, grade reconfigurations, use of swing space during school reconstruction, and gang and crew violence on the safety and well-being of children.

(c-1) School resource officers shall not report any information regarding a student's suspected crew or gang affiliation, or that of their family members, to a law enforcement agency for the purpose of including such information in any District government crew or gang database, nor shall any such information shared by or derived from a school resource officer be otherwise included in any District government crew or gang database.

(d) The Metropolitan Police Department shall publish on its website by the beginning of each school year a description of the School Safety Division's planned deployment of school resource officers.

(e) Repealed.