Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2851.13. Establishment of Basic Business License Fund; disposition of license fees, penalties, and fines.

(a) There is established the Basic Business License Fund (“Fund”) which shall be classified as a proprietary fund and a type of enterprise fund for the purposes of § 47-373(1). The Fund shall be credited with all fees that are identified in subsection (b) of this section.

(b) All fees collected for the issuance of a basic business license and endorsements, including renewals, late renewal penalties, other penalties, and fines, shall be deposited in the Fund. Half of the total amount of penalties and fines collected as a result of notices of infractions issued for basic business license violations shall also be deposited in the Fund. The entire cost of the basic business licensing system shall be paid from the Fund and no other appropriated funds shall be used for that purpose.

(c) Revenue credited to the Fund shall be expended by the Department as designated by an appropriations act of Congress, for the purposes of maintaining and upgrading the basic business licensing system, including copying fees, automation upgrades, personnel costs, and supplies.

(d)(1) A portion of the increased fees under § 47-2851.03d shall be used to reform and streamline the application and renewal process for licensing under this chapter.

(2) Within 6 months of [August 16, 2008], the Department shall report to the Chairperson of the Council committee with oversight of the Department on the specific steps taken to implement these new processes.