Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2851.11. Denial of master [basic]

(a) The Center shall not issue or renew a basic business license to any person or business entity if:

(1) The person or business does not have a valid tax registration or Certificate of Occupancy, if required;

(2) The person or business is delinquent in taxes, periodic report fees, or penalties owing to the District, is delinquent in service fees owed to the Water and Sewer Authority, or is not validly registered in accordance with District law. The Office of Tax and Revenue and the Water and Sewer Authority shall cooperate with the business license center to determine if taxes, fees, penalties or service fees are owing.

(3) The person or business has been denied any of the necessary endorsements for the type of business for which licensing is sought; or

(4) The person or business has not submitted the sum of all fees and deposits required for the requested individual license endorsements, any outstanding basic business license delinquency fee, or other fees and penalties to be collected through the system.

(b) Nothing in this section shall prevent registration by the District of an employer for the purpose of paying an employee workers’ compensation insurance or unemployment insurance benefits.