Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2851.07. Issuance of licenses.

(a) Any person who is required to obtain a license that has been incorporated into the system shall submit a basic business license application, along with proof of Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage, or an exemption therefrom, to the Center requesting the issuance of the license. The basic business license application form shall contain, in consolidated form, all information necessary for the issuance of licenses.

(b) The applicant shall include with the application the sum of all fees and deposits required for the basic business license and any necessary or requested individual license endorsements.

(c)(1) Irrespective of any authority delegated to the Center to implement the provisions of this subchapter, the authority for determining eligibility and fitness for the issuance and renewal of any requested license that requires a pre-licensing or renewal investigation, inspection, testing, or other judgmental review by the regulatory agency legally authorized to make such determination shall remain with that agency.

(2) Repealed.

(d)(1) Upon receipt of the application and proper fee payment for any license for which issuance is subject to regulatory agency action under subsection (c) of this section, the Center shall immediately notify the relevant regulatory agency of the license requested by the applicant.

(2) Each regulatory agency shall advise the Center within 30 days after receiving the notice, or such other period as is established by law the following:

(A) That the agency approves the issuance of the requested license and will advise the applicant of any specific conditions required for issuing the license;

(B) That the agency denies the issuance of the license and gives the applicant reasons for the denial; or

(C) That no action has been taken on the application and the Department shall provide good and sufficient reasons for the delay and an estimate of when the action will be taken.

(e)(1) The Center shall issue a basic business license endorsed for all the approved licenses to the applicant and advise the applicant of the status of other requested licenses.

(2) It is the responsibility of the applicant to contest the decision regarding conditions imposed or licenses denied through the normal process established by statute or by regulation.

(f) Regulatory agencies shall be provided information from the basic business license application for their licensing and regulatory functions.