Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–272.01. Establishing high-quality standards.

(a) The OSSE shall develop high-quality content standards and program requirements that pre-k programs that receive funds under this chapter are required to meet by September 1, 2014.

(b) The program requirements shall include:

(1) An adult-to-child ratio of one-to-8 for children 30 months to 3 years of age and of one-to-10 for children 4 years of age or older, or as otherwise approved by OSSE;

(2) A comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with the District of Columbia Early Learning Standards;

(3) Accreditation by a national accrediting body approved by OSSE;

(4) The minimum hours and days of operation;

(5) Valid and reliable assessments that meet accepted standards of technical adequacy to measure educational objectives and outcomes;

(6) Teacher qualifications, which may include a waiver of certain academic and degree requirements for current teachers, or current assistant teachers, with a minimum of 10 years of experience as of July 18, 2008, who are employed in programs meeting the educational objectives and outcomes of the HQ standards; provided, that by September 1, 2017, all teachers and assistant teachers shall be required to meet the academic and degree requirements as established by the OSSE and approved by the State Board of Education;

(7) A professional development and training plan for pre-k teachers and assistant teachers;

(8) A plan to foster parental support and involvement;

(9) A plan to coordinate support services;

(10) A plan to ensure inclusion of children with disabilities, in accordance with federally-stated goals;

(11) Facilities requirements;

(12) Licensure requirements; and

(13) A process for continuous improvement, classroom assessment, and child outcome assessment.