Code of the District of Columbia

§ 38–273.01. Expansion to universal pre-k.

(a) The OSSE shall conduct, by September 30th of each year, an evaluation of all pre-k programs to establish existing capacity.

(b) By September 2009, and every 5 years thereafter, the OSSE shall submit to the Mayor and the Council a 5-year strategic expansion plan, including an assessment of the number of children interested in attending pre-k and the District’s fiscal and physical capacity to accommodate them.

(c) Beginning in September 2009, and each year thereafter, OSSE shall submit to the Mayor and the Council an implementation plan for the following school year to expand pre-k to the maximum extent possible, but shall expand pre-k each year to accommodate a minimum of 15% of the unserved children, based on the strategic expansion plan, until pre-k programs are available to all children of pre-k age whose parents choose to send them to pre-k.

(d)(1) During the expansion to universal pre-k, OSSE shall use its best efforts to:

(A) Ensure that over a 5-year period a minimum of 25% of all new pre-k programs are operated by CBOs; and

(B) Maintain a balance of diversity among the children.

(2) For the purpose of this subsection, “diversity” means a mix of children:

(A) From families of different income levels;

(B) With, and without, disabilities or special needs; and

(C) Whose first language is, and is not, English.

(e) A pre-k program established following July 18, 2008, shall comply with the HQ standards, established pursuant to, respectively, §§ 38-271.02(b)(4) and 38-272.01(b), upon the effective date of the HQ standards.