Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–621.03. Public-private cooperation.

(a) In recognition that governmental and private sector cooperation is essential to ensuring the integrity of sports wagering in the District and for resolving problems that may arise that have the potential to diminish the benefits of sports wagering to the District and its residents, the Office may by rule encourage operators and sports leagues to share information with the Office and each other pertaining to sports wagering, such as abnormal betting activity or patterns, the possible breach of a sports league's internal rules or codes of conduct, conduct that corrupts the betting outcome of a sporting event, suspicious or illegal wagering, the use of funds derived from illegal activity, the use of agents to place wagers, or using false identification, and to cooperate with the Office, or other District entity, in an investigation relating to sports wagering that may be conducted by the District.

(b)(1) The Office may enter into intelligence-sharing, reciprocal-use, or restricted-use agreements with the federal government, state, or local governments, law enforcement agencies, gaming enforcement agencies of other jurisdictions, and sports leagues that provide for and regulate the use of information provided and received pursuant to the agreement.

(2) Records, documents, and information in the possession of the Office received pursuant to an intelligence-sharing, reciprocal-use, or restricted-use agreement shall be considered investigative records compiled for law-enforcement purposes under § 2-534(a)(3).