Code of the District of Columbia

§ 36–621.02. Rules and regulations governing conduct of sports wagering.

(a) To ensure fair and honest play in sports wagering and to protect the economic welfare and interests of the District and participants of sports wagering, the CFO, or delegate, shall adopt rules and regulations governing the conduct of sports wagering, which shall include the following:

(1) Acceptance of wagers on a sports event or a series of sports events;

(2) Maximum wagers that may be accepted by an operator from any one individual or on a sports event;

(3) Type of wagering tickets that may be used;

(4) Method of issuing tickets;

(5) Method of accounting to be used by an operator;

(6) Requirements relating to how fees and taxes are to be remitted, including whether the fees and taxes shall be required to be remitted electronically;

(7) Methods of age verification;

(8) Posting of house rules;

(9) Player exclusion requirements;

(10) Facilities to be used by operators;

(11) Types of records that shall be required to be maintained;

(12) Use of credit and checks;

(13) Type of system for sports wagering;

(14) Protections for an individual placing a wager;

(15) Requirements for training the employees of an operator concerning compulsive and problem gambling, and for displaying on an operator's website and sports wagering facility information about available programs to prevent, treat, or monitor compulsive or problem gambling;

(16) Advertising guidelines, including specific language concerning minors; and

(17) Reporting of the sources of data that operators use to resolve sports wagers.

(b)(1) The Office shall establish internal control standards for the administration of sports wagering, sports wagering equipment and systems, or other items used to conduct sports wagering, as well as maintenance of financial records and other required records.

(2) The Office shall solicit input from the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on suggestions for regulations to minimize underage drinking and sports wagering by visibly intoxicated patrons.

(c) Sports wagering shall occur only in the specific locations within a designated sports wagering facility approved by the Office and may only be relocated or offered in an additional manner pursuant to regulation.