Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–604. Application to Court of Appeals for instructions; application for reconsideration.

(a) If at any time the Commission shall be in doubt of the elements of value to be by them considered in arriving at the true valuation under the provisions of this subtitle, they are authorized and empowered to institute a proceeding in equity in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals petitioning said court to instruct them as to the element or elements of value to be by them considered as aforesaid, and the particular utility under valuation at the time shall be made party defendant in said action.

(b) Any public utility or any other person or corporation affected by any final order or decision of the Commission may, within 30 days after the publication thereof, file with the Commission an application in writing requesting a reconsideration of the matters involved, and stating specifically the errors claimed as grounds for such reconsideration. No public utility or other person or corporation shall in any court urge or rely on any ground not so set forth in said application. The Commission, within 30 days after the filing of such application, shall either grant or deny it. Failure by the Commission to act upon such application within such period shall be deemed a denial thereof. If such application be granted, the Commission, after giving notice thereof to all interested parties, shall, either with or without hearing, rescind, modify, or affirm its order or decision. The filing of such an application shall act as a stay upon the execution of the order or decision of the Commission until the final action of the Commission upon the application; provided, that upon written consent of the utility such order or decision shall not be stayed unless otherwise ordered by the Commission. No appeal shall lie from any order of the Commission unless an application for reconsideration shall have been first made and determined.