Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–1105. Commission to ascertain cost of construction, replacement value, outstanding stock; information to be printed in annual report.

The Commission shall ascertain, as soon and as nearly as practicable, the amount of money expended in the construction and equipment of every public utility, including the amount of money expended to procure any right-of-way; also the amount of money it would require to secure the right-of-way, reconstruct any roadbed, track, depots, cars, conduits, subways, poles, wires, switchboards, exchanges, offices, works, storage plants, power plants, machinery, and any other property or instrument not included in the foregoing enumeration used in or useful to the business of such public utility, and to replace all the physical properties belonging to the public utility. It shall ascertain the outstanding stock, bonds, debentures, and indebtedness, and the amount, respectively, thereof, the date when issued, to whom issued, to whom sold, the price paid in cash, property, or labor therefor, what disposition was made of the proceeds, by whom the indebtedness is held, so far as ascertainable, the amount purporting to be due thereon, the floating indebtedness of the public utility, the credits due the public utility, other property on hand belonging to it, the judicial or other sales of said public utility, its property or franchises, and the amounts purporting to have been paid, and in what manner paid therefor, and the taxes paid thereon. The Commission shall also ascertain in detail the gross and net income of the public utility from all sources, the amounts paid for salaries to officers and the wages paid to its employees, and the maximum hours of continuous service required of each class. Whenever the information required by this section is obtained it shall be printed in the annual report of the Commission. In making such investigation the Commission may avail itself of any information in possession of any department of the government of the United States or of the Mayor of the District of Columbia.