Code of the District of Columbia

§ 34–605. Appeal to Court of Appeals from certain orders; statement to accompany decision; Commission not liable for costs or damages.

(a) The District of Columbia Court of Appeals shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any appeal from an order or decision of the Commission. Any public utility or any other person or corporation affected by any final order or decision of the Commission, other than an order fixing or determining the value of the property of a public utility in a proceeding solely for that purpose, may, within 60 days after final action by the Commission upon the petition for reconsideration, file with the Clerk of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals a petition of appeal setting forth the reasons for such appeal and the relief sought; at the same time such appellant shall file with the Commission notice in writing of the appeal together with a copy of the petition. Within 20 days of the receipt of such notice of appeal the Commission shall file with the Clerk of the said Court the record, including a transcript of all proceedings had and testimony taken before the Commission, duly certified, upon which the said order or decision of the Commission was based, together with a statement of its findings of fact and conclusions upon the said record, and a copy of the application for reconsideration and the orders entered thereon; provided, that the parties, with the consent and approval of the Commission, may stipulate in writing that only certain portions of the record be transcribed and transmitted. Within this period the Commission or any other interested party shall answer, demur, or otherwise move or plead. Thereupon the appeal shall be at issue and ready for hearing. All such proceedings shall have precedence over any civil cause of a different nature pending in said Court, and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals shall always be deemed open for the hearing thereof. Any such appeal shall be heard upon the record before the Commission, and no new or additional evidence shall be received by the said Court. The said Court, or any judge or judges thereof, before whom any such appeal shall be heard, may require and direct the Commission to receive additional evidence upon any subject related to the issues on said appeal concerning which evidence was improperly excluded in the hearing before the Commission or upon which the record may contain no substantial evidence. Upon receipt of such requirement and direction the Commission shall receive such evidence and without reasonable delay shall transmit to the said Court the findings of fact made thereon by the Commission and the conclusions of the Commission upon the said facts.

(b) Upon the conclusion of its hearings of any such appeal the Court shall either dismiss the said appeal and affirm the order or decision of the Commission or sustain the appeal and vacate the Commission’s order or decision. In either event the Court shall accompany its order by a statement of its reasons for its action and in the case of the vacation of an order or decision of the Commission the statement shall relate the particulars in and the extent to which such order or decision was defective.

(c) Said Commission shall not, nor shall any of its members, officers, agents, or employees, be taxed with any costs, nor shall they or any of them be required to give any supersedeas bond or security for costs or damages on any appeal whatsoever. Said Commission, or any of its members, officers, agents, or employees, shall not be liable to suit or action or for any judgment or decree for any damages, loss, or injury claimed by any public utility or person, nor required in any case to make any deposit for costs or pay for any service to the clerks of any court or to the Marshal of the United States.