Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–531.09. Posting requirement.

(a) The Mayor shall prescribe, and the Mayor shall provide to employers, and an employer shall post and maintain in a conspicuous place, a notice that sets forth excerpts from or summaries of the pertinent provisions of this subchapter and information that pertains to the filing of a complaint under this subchapter. The notice shall be published in all languages spoken by 3% of or 500 individuals in the District of Columbia population, whichever is less.

(b)(1) An employer who violates this section shall be assessed a civil penalty not to exceed $100 for each day that the employer fails to post the notice; provided, that the total penalty shall not exceed $500 unless the ongoing violation is willful.

(2) No liability for failure to post notice will arise under this section if the Mayor has failed to provide to the business the notice required by this section.

(c) An employer shall post the notice in English and all languages spoken by employees with Limited or no-English Proficiency, as defined in § 2-1931(5).

(d) Employers shall be furnished copies or summaries of this subchapter prepared by the Mayor on request.