Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1683. Intermediary duties.

The Intermediary shall:

(1) By July 1, 2021:

(A) Appoint members to the Partnership consistent with the criteria specified in § 32-1684(b)(3);

(B) Convene at least 4 Partnership meetings;

(C) Compose and transmit to the WIC the Partnership's first Healthcare Occupations Report, as described in § 32-1684(e);

(2) For the duration of the grant:

(A) Provide administrative support to the Partnership;

(B) Convene Partnership meetings at least quarterly;

(C) Compile and transmit to the WIC feedback from the Partnership on any statement of work for a proposed grant solicitation for the provision of training no more than 15 days after receiving the statement of work pursuant to § 32-1682(d)(2) [§ 32-1682(c)(2)];

(D) Work with the Partnership to coordinate and ensure provision of career coaching, screening and referral services, practice interviews, and job fairs for healthcare sector employment for qualified District training graduates;

(E) Facilitate requests for professional development and learning opportunities for training providers and training participants at healthcare facilities;

(F) Annually, compose and transmit the Partnership's Healthcare Occupations Report, as described in § 32-1684(e); and

(G) Perform additional duties on behalf of the Partnership consistent with the purposes of this subtitle and as funds permit; and

(3) During the fourth year of the HWI grant, raise private funds equal to the value of the HWI grant for that year, which the Intermediary shall reserve for use until after the expiration of the HWI grant in order to sustain the Partnership without dedicated District government funding.