Code of the District of Columbia

§ 32–1682. Establishment of a Healthcare Workforce Intermediary.

(a)(1) By December 1, 2020, the WIC shall select, through award of a grant, the Healthcare Workforce Intermediary to establish, convene, and assist the Healthcare Workforce Partnership.

(2) Consistent with part B of subchapter XII-A of Chapter 3 of Title 1, the WIC shall issue multi-year grants for a period of 4 years, subject to the availability of funds.

(b) The entity selected to be the Intermediary shall:

(1) Be a nonprofit organization, industry association, or community-based organization;

(2) Have a proven track record of success convening healthcare sector employers or have a significant role in the healthcare sector;

(3) Have existing relationships with training providers; and

(4) Have a proven track record of successful fundraising.

(c) Over the course of the HWI grant, the WIC shall:

(1) Provide technical assistance to the Partnership through the Intermediary, which may include:

(A) Assisting the Partnership in obtaining data and information from District agencies;

(B) Providing the Partnership with customized labor market and economic analysis;

(C) Providing the Partnership with education and guidance on WIOA; and

(D) Providing the Partnership with information on the number of District residents that training providers have the capacity to train in healthcare occupations;

(2) Submit to the Partnership for feedback the proposed statement of work for any grant solicitation for the provision of training at least 30 days before issuing the request for proposals;

(2A) [Expires September 30, 2024] Submit to the Partnership for feedback the proposed statement of work for the direct care worker training grant outlined in § 32-1693.06; and

(3) Use the Partnership's Healthcare Occupations Reports to align District government funded workforce development training with current and future healthcare sector hiring needs in the District.