Code of the District of Columbia

§ 3–1205.01. License, registration, or certification required.

(a)(1) A license issued pursuant to this chapter is required to practice acupuncture, advanced practice addiction counseling, advanced practice registered nursing, assisted living administration, audiology, chiropractic, certified midwifery, certified professional midwifery, cytotechnology, dental hygiene, dentistry, dietetics, histotechnology, home health care administration, marriage and family therapy, massage therapy, medical laboratory technology, medicine, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, nursing home administration, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmaceutical detailing, pharmacy, physical therapy, podiatry, practical nursing, professional counseling, psychology, registered nursing, respiratory care, social work, speech-language pathology, veterinary medicine, or to practice as an anesthesiologist assistant, athletic trainer, personal fitness trainer, physician assistant, physical therapy assistant, polysomnographic technologist, occupational therapy assistant, surgical assistant, professional art therapy, or as a trauma technologist in the District, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

(2) Registration is required to practice as an audiology assistant, dental assistant, nursing assistive personnel, phlebotomist, psychology associate, polysomnographic technician or trainee, speech-language pathology assistant, or speech-language pathology clinical fellow.

(3) Certification is required to practice as an addiction counselor I, addiction counselor II, doula, veterinary technician, or a veterinary euthanasia technician.

(4) Except for administering general or sedation anesthesia in a hospital as defined in § 44-501(a)(1), a federal agency or facility, or a dental school, certification is required for a dentist, or for a facility where dentistry is practiced, to administer general or sedation anesthesia.

(5) A license issued to practice advanced practice registered nursing shall further specify that the license is being issued to practice as a:

(A) Certified nurse practitioner;

(B) Certified registered nurse anesthetist;

(C) Certified nurse-midwife; or

(D) Clinical nurse specialist.

(b) A license, registration, or certification is the property of the District of Columbia and shall be surrendered on demand of the licensor.