Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–822. Mandatory revocation.

(a) The Board shall revoke the license of a licensee as a result of any of the following events during the period for which the license was issued:

(1) The licensee has been convicted of multiple violations of the terms of this title or the regulations issued under this title and the penalties set forth in Chapter 8 or established by the Board require revocation;

(2) The licensee has knowingly permitted, in the licensed establishment (A) the illegal sale, or negotiations for sale, or the use, of any controlled substance identified in the CSA, or (B) the possession, other than for personal use, or sale, or negotiations for sale, of drug paraphernalia in violation of the CSA or Chapter 11 of Title 48. Successive sales, or negotiations for sale, over a continuous period of time shall be deemed evidence of knowing permission;

(3) The licensee has been convicted of a felony; or

(4) The licensee has been convicted of assaulting an ABCA investigator or a member of the Metropolitan Police Department during the commission of an ABCA investigation.

(b) For the purposes of this section, the term "personal use" means the possession of drug paraphernalia in circumstances where there is no evidence of an intent to distribute or manufacture a controlled substance.