Code of the District of Columbia

§ 25–120. Manager’s license requirements and qualifications.

(a) A manager’s license shall authorize the licensee to manage a licensed business.

(b) A licensee may be employed by one or more licensed businesses without further investigation, subject to compliance by the licensed businesses.

(c) A manager’s license shall be valid for 3 years or until surrendered, suspended, or revoked. The fee for both years of the manager’s license shall be paid at the time of application.

(d) A manager shall complete an alcohol training and education certification program conducted by a Board-approved provider. The manager shall be recertified every 3 years from the date of the initial certification.

(e) Repealed.

(f) Repealed.

(g) Repealed.

(h) A manager required to complete an alcohol training and education certification program under this section shall submit to the Board a copy of the certificate received from the Alcohol training and education certification provider.

(i)(A) The Board may fine, suspend, revoke, or not renew the manager's license of a manager who within the prior 3 years has:

(i) Directly sold an alcoholic beverage to a minor on 2 or more dates;

(ii) Directly interfered with an ABCA or Metropolitan Police Department investigation;

(iii) Made false or misleading statements during or after a regulatory inspection or investigation;

(iv) Aided, abetted, or conspired with a licensed or unlicensed person to evade compliance with the requirements of this title; or

(v) Allowed the manager's license to be used by another person or borrowed another person's license.

(B) The Board shall provide notice to the holder of the manager’s license pursuant to the requirements set forth in § 25-447(c) before suspending or revoking a manager’s license pursuant to this subsection.

(C) A subsequent manager’s license application for the person whose license was suspended or revoked or renewal denied shall not be considered within 2 years of a previous Board suspension, revocation, or denial.