Code of the District of Columbia

§ 23–1110. Designation of official to issue citations or take money or bond.

(a) For the purposes of this section, the term:

(1) “Releasing official” means a sworn member of a law enforcement agency, as defined in § 23-501(2), appointed by the judges of the Superior Court to:

(A) Act as a clerk of the court with authority to issue citations pursuant to § 23-584;

(B) Take money pursuant to § 5-335.01;

(C) Take bond imposed upon the issuance of a bench warrant by a judicial officer of the Superior Court, from persons charged with offenses triable in the Superior Court;

(D) Release persons eligible for release pursuant to § 23-584; and

(E) Tender offers to resolve criminal charges using post-and-forfeit procedures pursuant to § 5-335.01.

(2) “Superior Court” means the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

(b) The judges of the Superior Court may remove releasing officials at any time.

(c) A releasing official shall:

(1) Be subject to the orders and rules of the Superior Court in the discharge of his or her duties; and

(2) Receive no additional compensation for duties performed as a releasing official other than his or her salary as an official of the Metropolitan Police Department or other law enforcement agency operating in the District of Columbia.