Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–576. Notice of meetings.

Before meeting in open or closed session, a public body shall provide advance public notice as follows:

(1) Notice shall be provided when meetings are scheduled and when the schedule is changed. A public body shall establish an annual schedule of its meetings, if feasible, and shall update the schedule throughout the year. Except for emergency meetings, a public body shall provide notice as early as possible, but not less than 48 hours or 2 business days, whichever is greater, before a meeting.

(2) Notice shall be provided by posting:

(A) In the office of the public body or a location that is readily accessible to the public; and

(B) On the website of the public body or the District government.

(3) Notwithstanding the notice requirement of paragraph (2) of this subsection, except for meetings of boards of trustees for public charter schools, notice of meetings shall be published in the District of Columbia Register as timely as practicable.

(4) When a public body finds it necessary to call an emergency meeting to address an urgent matter, notice shall be provided at the same time notice is provided to members and may be provided pursuant to any method in paragraph (2) of this subsection.

(5) Each meeting notice shall include the date, time, location, and planned agenda to be covered at the meeting. If the meeting or any portion of the meeting is to be closed, the notice shall include, if feasible, a statement of intent to close the meeting or any portion of the meeting, including citations to the reason for closure under § 2-575(b), and a description of the matters to be discussed.