Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1555.03. Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes; duties and authority.

(a) The duties of the Office shall be as follows:

(1) Guide the implementation of the District's strategic plan for out-of-school time programs and funding ("strategic plan"), developed by the Commission pursuant to § 2-1555.07;

(2) Support the Commission in its duties outlined in § 2-1555.07, including the drafting and publishing of the strategic plan;

(3) Gather and analyze data to improve equitable distribution of out-of-school-time programs and funding and to ensure high-quality, evidence-based out-of-school-time programs;

(4) Meaningfully engage youth, school-based personnel, parents, and key stakeholders throughout the community in the work of the Office and the Commission;

(5) Conduct an annual, community-wide needs assessment on out-of-school-time programs as directed by the Commission;

(6) Regularly update the Commission on the Office's activities, how those activities promote the goals and priorities of the strategic plan, and the Office's progress toward achieving the goals and priorities of the strategic plan;

(7) Provide technical assistance, training, and capacity building to governmental and nongovernmental bodies on best practices in youth development and other topics consistent with the Office's mission, as appropriate;

(8) Issue reports and recommendations consistent with the Office's mission, including an annual report on the community-wide needs assessment;

(9) Work to advance Commission-led efforts to improve collaboration, problem-solving, and cooperation among District agencies around out-of-school-time programs, funding, and outcomes; and

(10) Develop, in collaboration with the Commission, plans for assessing the quality of out-of-school-time programs.

(b) The Office may issue grants to nongovernmental organizations, District of Columbia Public Schools schools, and public charter schools providing out-of-school-time programs, in accordance with the strategic plan.

(c) The Office may charge fees for trainings provided pursuant to subsection (a)(7) of this section.

(d) Repealed.

(e) The Mayor and the Office shall publicize the availability of the tax check-off created pursuant to § 47-1812.11b to support afterschool programs for at-risk students.