Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–551.02. Organization.

There are established 7 primary organizational functions in the Department as follows:

(1) Agency Management, which shall include the staff and organizational units needed to carry out the overall plan and direction for the Department, including coordination and management for information technology, resource allocation, human resources, procurement, fixed-cost forecasting for District facilities, and the administrative functions of the Department;

(2) Capital Construction, which shall:

(A) Implement and oversee the Department’s capital improvement program for District government facilities; and

(B) Execute the capital budget program, which includes the rehabilitation of existing real property facilities and construction of new facilities supporting the District;

(3) Portfolio Management, which shall coordinate:

(A) Lease administration;

(B) Allocation of owned and leased properties to District agencies;

(C) Property acquisition and disposition; and

(D) Rent collection from entities leasing District-owned or leased properties;

(4) Facilities Management, which shall coordinate the day-to-day operations of District-owned properties by:

(A) Maintaining building assets and equipment;

(B) Performing various repairs and non-structural improvements;

(C) Providing janitorial, trash and recycling pickup, postal, and engineering services; provided, that the District of Columbia Public Schools (“DCPS”) shall remain responsible for providing janitorial services at DCPS facilities; and

(D) Providing the services to DCPS facilities outlined in § 10-551.07f;

(5) Contracting and Procurement, which shall provide services and support in procuring for the District:

(A) The construction, architecture, and engineering services;

(B) The facilities maintenance and operation services;

(C) The real estate asset management services, including leasing and auditing;

(D) The utility contracts;

(E) The security services; and

(F) Such other services necessary or desirable to improve the effectiveness of the Department and advance the purposes of this chapter;

(6) Protective Services Division, which shall coordinate, manage, and provide security services for District government facilities through the use of special police officers and security officers, as defined in § 47-2839.01, civilian employees, or contractors; and

(7) Sustainability and Energy, which shall implement and oversee energy and sustainability efforts at District-owned properties including:

(A) Achieving compliance with building energy efficiency and net-zero-energy standards, as that term is defined in § 6-1453.01(a)(3), as required under District law;

(B) Ensuring that District-owned properties comply with sustainable waste management requirements under § 8-1031.04a, and developing and implementing waste diversion programs, including source reduction, recycling, reuse, composting, and other Zero Waste programs and services;

(C) Overseeing the environmental programs office established by § 38-825.01; and

(D) Providing direct guidance and support to other agency divisions and District agencies on adhering with legislative and regulatory energy and sustainability mandates and achieving other energy and sustainability goals.