Code of the District of Columbia

§ 10–551.07f. DCPS facilities work order requests.

(a) The Department's Facilities Management Division shall:

(1) Provide relevant DCPS school-based staff with training at least annually in how to enter, track, and manage work order requests in CMMS;

(2) Ensure that relevant DCPS school-based staff receive automatic email notifications from CMMS regarding status changes for work order requests at the DCPS facility; and

(3)(A) Create a mechanism to collect feedback from relevant DCPS school-based staff on whether a work order request has been completed to the DCPS facility's satisfaction, which shall remain open for feedback for at least 14 calendar days from the date a work order request is deemed completed by the Department.

(B)(i) If the relevant DCPS school-based staff's feedback affirms that the work has been completed to their satisfaction, the Department may close the work order.

(ii) If the relevant DCPS school-based staff indicates that the work has not been completed satisfactorily, the work order shall remain open and shall be timely re-completed by the Department to the relevant DCPS school-based staff's satisfaction.

(iii) If the DCPS school-based staff fails to provide feedback within the 14-calendar-day timeframe, is physically unable to review the work, or believes that they lack sufficient training to assess the work, a Department representative shall verify that the work order has been completed based on a review of available evidence before closing the work order request.

(C) The Department shall keep records on the usage of the mechanism established by this paragraph and the number of instances in which a Department representative verified completed work.

(b) For purposes of this section, the term:

(1) "CMMS" means the Department's Computerized Maintenance Management System.

(2) "DCPS" means the District of Columbia Public Schools.

(3) "Relevant DCPS school-based staff" means the principal, building foreman, or other school staff member designated by the principal of a District of Columbia Public Schools facility.