Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–771.06. DOEE responsibilities.

(a) DOEE shall maintain a website that includes:

(1) A copy of all approved battery stewardship plans;

(2) The names of producers participating in approved battery stewardship plans;

(3) A list of all approved brands covered by a battery stewardship plan filed with DOEE; and

(4) A copy of all annual reports submitted under § 8-771.05.

(b) A battery stewardship organization implementing an approved battery stewardship plan in compliance with the requirements of this chapter may petition DOEE alleging, with evidence, that a producer is not complying with the requirements of this chapter or a battery stewardship plan. DOEE shall investigate and provide a determination to the petitioner within 45 days after receipt of a petition. DOEE shall take enforcement action if noncompliance is demonstrated.

(c) Every 5 years, DOEE shall report on the status of the battery recycling program and provide this report to the Council and on its website. The report shall include:

(1) The amount, by weight, of batteries collected under approved battery stewardship plans;

(2) The percentage of collected batteries not covered by or attributable to a producer participating in an approved battery stewardship organization; and

(3) Recommendations for any amendments to this chapter.

(d) In addition to the requirements of subsection (c) of this section, DOEE's first report under subsection (c) of this section shall include:

(1) An evaluation of whether an environmental handling fee, meaning an amount added at the point of sale to the purchase price of a covered battery or battery-containing product, would promote and support increased battery recycling in the District; and

(2) An assessment of how rechargeable batteries with a watt-hour rating above 300 watt-hours could be incorporated into the battery collection program under this chapter.

(e) DOEE shall assist in educational and outreach efforts to inform the public about the battery collection opportunities in the District.