Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–771.02. Battery collection.

(a) All producers of covered batteries and covered battery-containing products sold or offered for sale in the District of Columbia, including retail, wholesale, business-to-business, and online sales, shall:

(1) Be a member of a battery stewardship organization pursuant to § 8-771.04; and

(2) As part of a battery stewardship organization, implement a battery collection program as set forth in an approved battery stewardship plan that provides for collection of all primary and rechargeable batteries on a free, regular, convenient, and accessible basis. At the time of collection, there shall be no cost to consumers, retailers, or the District.

(b) On or before January 1, 2023, a battery stewardship organization shall submit a proposed battery stewardship plan to DOEE for review. A battery stewardship organization shall implement the battery stewardship plan no later than 90 days after the plan is approved.

(c) A producer shall not be subject to the requirements in subsection (a) if the producer sells or offers for sale in the District only batteries or battery-containing products that were imported into the District before October 1, 2021.