Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–241.03. Certification of mold assessment and remediation professionals.

(a)(1) The Director shall issue licenses and may issue certifications for conducting indoor mold assessment and remediation in the District.

(2) In licensing a person to conduct indoor mold assessment or remediation, the Director may recognize certification programs of other states or independent bodies that the Director determines to be sufficient to ensure professional conduct of indoor mold assessment or remediation.

(b) No person shall engage in the business of residential indoor mold assessment or remediation unless the person is certified and licensed in accordance with requirements promulgated by the Director.

(c) The Director shall maintain a publicly available list of all certified indoor mold assessment and remediation professionals in the District.

(d) The Director shall establish reasonable and necessary fees to administer this section, including fees for certifications and licenses. The fees shall be set, at a minimum, in an amount sufficient to recover the costs of administering this section. All fees collected under this subsection shall be deposited into the Indoor Mold Assessment and Remediation Fund established under § 8-241.07.

(e) Not Funded.