Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1774.04. Operations of the Sustainable Energy Utility Advisory Board.

(a) Within 45 days after October 22, 2008, the Mayor, Council Chairman, and Chairman of the Council committee with oversight of DOEE shall appoint the respective members of the Board.

(b) Within 120 days after October 22, 2008, the Board shall adopt rules and procedures governing its meetings and decisionmaking processes. The procedures shall include a formal means for members of the Board to submit their dissent from the recommendations of the Board with the comments of the Board provided to the DOEE.

(c) At least biennially, the Board shall recommend changes to the performance benchmarks of the SEU contract to DOEE.

(d) Repealed.

(e) Repealed.

(f) During the term of a SEU contract, the Board shall meet quarterly with representatives from the SEU to monitor the performance of the SEU and programs operated by the SEU.

(g) The Board shall annually prepare and present a report on the progress of the SEU to the Council within 90 days after the conclusion of the independent review of the performance and expenditures of the SEU under § 8-1774.05(k). DOEE shall make the report available to the public on its website within 10 days after its submission to the Council.

(h) The Board may convene any subcommittees and working groups it considers appropriate without any limitation as to the membership of such groups.

(i) All Board meetings shall be subject to the open meeting provisions contained in § 1-207.42.

(j) The DOEE shall provide staff resources to the Board and coordinate the involvement of staff from the Public Service Commission, Office of the People’s Counsel, and any other appropriate agency or organization as necessary for the Board to fulfill its mandate.