Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1771.02. Scope.

(a) This chapter shall apply to the following types of new products sold, leased, rented, offered for sale, lease, or rent, or installed in the District of Columbia:

(1) Air purifiers;

(2) Commercial dishwashers;

(3) Commercial fryers;

(4) Commercial hot food holding cabinets;

(5) Commercial steam cookers;

(6) Computers and computer monitors;

(7) Faucets;

(8) High color rendering index lamps, cold temperature lamps, and impact-resistant fluorescent lamps;

(9) Metal halide lamp fixtures;

(10) Portable electric spas;

(11) Residential ventilating fans;

(12) Showerheads;

(13) Single-voltage external AC to DC power supplies;

(14) Spray sprinkler bodies;

(15) State-regulated general service lamps;

(16) State-regulated incandescent reflector lamps;

(17) Urinals and water closets;

(18) Walk-in refrigerators or freezers;

(19) Water coolers; and

(20) Any other products designated by the Mayor in accordance with § 8-1771.04.

(b) This chapter shall not apply to:

(1) New products manufactured in the District of Columbia and sold outside the District of Columbia;

(2) New products manufactured outside the District of Columbia and sold at wholesale inside the District for final retail sale and installation outside the District of Columbia;

(3) Products installed in mobile manufactured homes at the time of construction; or

(4) Products designed expressly for installation and use in recreational vehicles.