Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1771.01. Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:

(1) "Air purifier" means an electric, cord-connected, portable appliance with the primary function of removing particulate matter from the air and which can be moved from room to room.

(1A) “Ballast” means a device used with an electric discharge lamp to obtain necessary circuit conditions (voltage, current, and waveform) for starting and operating the lamp.

(2) Repealed.

(2A) "Cold temperature lamp" means a fluorescent lamp, that is not a compact fluorescent lamp, that:

(A) Is specifically designed to start at -20°F when used with a ballast conforming to the requirements of ANSI C78.81 and ANSI C78.901; and

(B) Is expressly designated as a cold temperature lamp both in markings on the lamp and in marketing materials, including catalogs, sales literature, and promotional material.

(2B) "Commercial dishwasher" means a machine designed to clean and sanitize plates, pots, pans, glasses, cups, bowls, utensils, and trays by applying sprays of detergent solution (with or without blasting media granules) and a sanitizing rinse.

(2C) "Commercial fryer" means an appliance, including a cooking vessel, in which oil is placed to such a depth that the cooking food is essentially supported by displacement of the cooking fluid rather than by the bottom of the vessel. The term "commercial fryer" includes electric fryers, where heat is delivered to the cooking fluid by means of an immersed electric element of band-wrapped vessel, and gas fryers, where heat is transferred from gas burners through either the walls of the fryer or through tubes passing through the cooking fluid.

(3) “Commercial hot food holding cabinet” means a heated, fully-enclosed compartment with one or more solid or glass doors that is designed to maintain the temperature of hot food that has been cooked in a separate appliance. The term “commercial hot food holding cabinet” shall not include heated glass merchandizing cabinets, drawer warmers, or cook-and-hold appliances.

(3A) "Commercial steam cooker" means a device with one or more food-steaming compartments in which the energy in the steam is transferred to the food by direct contact. The term "commercial steam cooker" includes countertop models, wall-mounted models, and floor models mounted on a stand, pedestal, or cabinet-style base.

(4) “Construction Codes” means the standards and requirements adopted pursuant to Chapter 14 of Title 6.

(4A) "Faucet" means a lavatory faucet, kitchen faucet, metering faucet, public lavatory faucet, or replacement aerator for a lavatory, public lavatory, or kitchen faucet.

(4B) "High color rendering index fluorescent lamp" means a fluorescent lamp with a color rendering index of 87 or greater that is not a compact fluorescent lamp.

(5) “High-intensity discharge lamp” means a lamp in which light is produced by the passage of an electric current through a vapor or gas and in which the light-producing arc is stabilized by bulb wall temperature and the arc tube has a bulb wall loading in excess of 3 watts per square centimeter.

(5A) "Impact-resistant fluorescent lamp" means a fluorescent lamp, that is not a compact fluorescent lamp, that:

(A) Has a coating or equivalent technology that is compliant with NSF/ANSI 51 and is designed to contain the glass if the glass envelope of the lamp is broken; and

(B) Is designated and marketed for the intended application, with:

(i) The designation on the lamp packaging; and

(ii) Marketing materials that identify the lamp as being impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, shatter-proof, or shatter-protected.

(5B) "Industrial air purifier" means an indoor air cleaning device manufactured, advertised, marketed, labeled, and used solely for industrial use that are marketed solely through industrial supply outlets or businesses and prominently labeled as "Solely for industrial use. Potential health hazard: emits ozone.

(6) “Metal halide lamp” means a high-intensity discharge lamp in which the major portion of the light is produced by radiation of metal halides and their products of dissociation, possibly in combination with metallic vapors.

(7) “Metal halide lamp fixture” means a light fixture designed to be operated with a metal halide lamp and a ballast for a metal halide lamp.

(7A) "Metering faucet" means a fitting that, when turned on, will gradually shut itself off over a period of several seconds.

(7B) "Plumbing fixture" means a device that connects to a plumbing system to deliver and drain away water and waste.

(7C) "Portable electric spa" means a factory-built electric spa or hot tub that may include any combination of integral controls, water heating, or water circulating equipment.

(8) “Probe-start metal halide ballast” means a ballast which is used to operate metal halide lamps, which does not contain an igniter, and which starts lamps by using a 3rd starting electrode probe in the arc tube.

(8A) "Public lavatory faucet" means a fitting intended to be installed in nonresidential bathrooms that are exposed to walk-in traffic.

(8B) "Replacement aerator" means an aerator sold as a replacement, separate from the faucet to which it is intended to be attached.

(8C) "Residential ventilating fan" means a ceiling, wall-mounted, or remotely mounted in-line fan designed to be used in a bathroom or utility room to move air from inside the building to the outdoors.

(8D) "Showerhead" means a device through which water is discharged for a shower bath and includes a hand-held showerhead but does not include a safety shower showerhead.

(9) “Single-voltage external AC to DC power supply” means a device that:

(A) Is designed to convert line voltage AC input into lower voltage DC output;

(B) Is able to convert to only one DC output voltage at a time;

(C) Is sold with, or intended to be used with, a separate end-use product that constitutes the primary power load;

(D) Is contained within a separate physical enclosure from the end-use product;

(E) Is connected to the end-use product through a removable or hard-wired male/female electrical connection, cable, cord, or other wiring;

(F) Does not have batteries or battery packs, including those that are removable, that physically attach directly to the power supply unit;

(G) Does not have a battery chemistry or type selector switch and:

(i) Indicator light; or

(ii) A battery chemistry or type selector switch and a state of charge meter; and

(H) Has a nameplate output power not exceeding 250 watts.

(9A) "Spray sprinkler body" means the exterior case or shell of a sprinkler incorporating a means of connection to the piping system designed to convey water to a nozzle or orifice.

(9B) "State-regulated general service lamp" means the following medium-based incandescent light bulbs:

(A) Reflector lamps that are:

(i) ER30, BR30, BR40, or ER40 lamps rated at 50 watts or less;

(ii) BR30, BR40, or ER40 lamps rated at 65 watts; or

(iii) R20 lamps rated at 45 watts or less;

(B) B, BA, CA, F and G shape lamps as defined in ANSI C79.1:2002 with a lumen output of greater than or equal to 200 and rated at 40 watts or less;

(C) A and C shape lamps as defined in ANSI C79.1:2002 with lumen output greater than or equal to 200 and less than 310;

(D) Shatter-resistant lamps; or

(E) 3-way lamps.

(10) “State-regulated incandescent reflector lamp” means a lamp, not colored or designed for rough or vibration service applications, with an inner reflective coating on the outer bulb to direct the light, an E26 medium screw base, a rated voltage or voltage range that lies at least partially within 115 to 130 volts, and that falls into either of the following categories:

(A) A blown PAR, bulged reflector, elliptical reflector, or similar bulb shape with a diameter equal to or greater than 2.25 inches; or

(B) A reflector, parabolic aluminized reflector, or similar bulb shape with a diameter of 2.25 to 2.75 inches.

(10A) "Urinal" means a plumbing fixture that receives only liquid body waste and conveys the waste through a trap into a drainage system.

(11) “Walk-in refrigerator or freezer” means a refrigerated space that can be walked into and has a total chilled and frozen storage area of less than 3,000 square feet, operates at chilled (above 32 degrees Fahrenheit) or frozen (at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature, and is connected to a self-contained or remote condensing unit. The term “walk-in refrigerator or freezer” shall not include products designed and marketed exclusively for medical, scientific, or research purposes, or refrigerated warehouses.

(11A) "Water closet" means a plumbing fixture having a water-containing receptor that receives liquid and solid body waste through an exposed integral trap into a drainage system.

(11B) "Water cooler" means a freestanding device that consumes energy to cool or heat potable water.

(12) “Water dispenser” means a factory-made assembly that mechanically cools and heats potable water and that dispenses the cooled or heated water by integral or remote means.