Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–151.09a. Office of Urban Agriculture establishment.

(a) There is established an Office of Urban Agriculture ("Office") within DOEE.

(b) The mission of the Office shall be to encourage and promote urban, indoor, and other emerging agriculture practices in the District, including:

(1) Urban farms, including outdoor farms, rooftop farms, indoor farms, and greenhouses;

(2) Repealed.

(3) Hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic farm facilities; and

(4) Other innovations in urban agricultural production.

(c) The duties of the Office shall include:

(1) Developing and implementing District-wide policies and programs to promote urban farming and agriculture, including the Urban Farming Land Lease Program under § 48-402.01 the tax abatements under § 47-868, and subchapter II-A of Chapter 18 of this title;

(2) Collaborating with and providing guidance to other District agencies implementing urban agriculture programs;

(3) Engaging in outreach to share best practices, provide mentorship, and offer technical assistance with urban agriculture;

(4) Applying for and accepting agriculture grants on behalf of DOEE; and

(5) Issuing grants to urban farmers in the District for infrastructure and operating support.