Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–113.03. Release notification requirements.

(a) Any responsible party or any authorized agent of a responsible party; any person who tests, installs, or removes tanks; any person who engages in site investigation, assessment, remediation, or geotechnical exploration; or any public utility company or authorized agent of a public utility company who knows, or has reason to know, of a release from an underground storage tank shall notify the Mayor of the release.

(b) The notification shall consist of, if known, the name of the owner, operator, and any other responsible party, as well as the location, date, time, volume, and substance of the release. The notification shall include, if known, any immediate and ongoing action taken to mitigate the release, any subsequent hazardous conditions caused by the release, and an evaluation of any potential environmental hazard evident by the condition or disposition of the tank.