Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–113.02. Notification.

(a) Within 120 days after March 8, 1991, the owner of an underground storage tank shall notify the Mayor of the existence of any tank and specify the age, size, type, location, and use of the tank and any other information required by the Mayor.

(b) Notice shall not be required if the owner of an underground storage tank has:

(1) Taken the tank out of operation on or before January 1, 1974; or

(2) Previously filed a federal underground storage tank notification form with the Mayor.

(c) Any owner who brings into use an underground storage tank after March 8, 1991, shall notify the Mayor within 30 days of the existence of the tank as provided in subsection (a) of this section.

(d) Any owner of tanks located at different facilities shall file a separate notification form for each facility.

(e) An owner shall submit notice to the Mayor 30 days prior to a permanent removal from service or a change in the reported use, contents, or ownership of an underground storage tank.

(f) Beginning 30 days after the Mayor issues rules pursuant to § 8-113.12 regarding performance standards for new underground storage tanks, any person who deposits regulated substances into an underground storage tank or sells or leases an underground storage tank shall notify the owner of the tank of the notification requirement pursuant to this section.

(g) Beginning 30 days after September 29, 1992, any person who sells real property in the District of Columbia upon which underground storage tanks are located, or from which underground storage tanks have been removed during the seller’s ownership, shall inform each prospective buyer in writing, prior to entering into a contract for sale, of the existence or removal of any tanks of which the seller has knowledge.