Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1031.12d. Donation and Reuse Program.

(a) There is established a Donation and Reuse Program ("Program"), to be administered by DOEE, to reduce needless waste and increase diversion of reusable material, including edible food, from landfills and incineration through donation or reuse.

(b) The Program shall, in coordination with non-governmental organizations:

(1) Develop or promote public-facing technology platforms for direct donation coordination and to facilitate exchange of used and surplus materials;

(2) Perform public education and outreach on avoiding single-use products and encouraging reusable items;

(3) Increase public awareness of and access to opportunities for reuse and donation;

(4) Support and expand the District's reuse infrastructure, including through site donation drop-off, Fix-It clinics, and non-governmental donation facilities; and

(5) Prepare for and respond to emergency situations that result in surges of unsolicited donations in partnership with non-governmental donation facilities.

(c) DOEE may issue competitive grants to community organizations and businesses to further the objectives of this section.

(d) On an annual basis, the Program shall provide a report to the Mayor and the Council describing its activities in the previous year to meet the requirements of this section and provide recommendations on how to further increase donation and reuse in the District.