Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1031.07. Office of Waste Diversion.

There is established an Office of Waste Diversion ("Office") within the Department of Public Works. The duties of the Office shall include:

(1) Coordinating and supervising the implementation of the provisions of this chapter;

(2) Implementing source separation education and outreach programs for public collection properties and private collection properties developed pursuant to §§ 8-1031.03(f) and 8-1031.08, in coordination with SWEEP;

(3) Supervising and developing a system to respond to citizen inquiries about mandatory source separation;

(4) Serving as a liaison between the District and neighboring jurisdictions in developing regional waste reduction and diversion campaigns;

(5) Implementing policies developed by the Interagency Waste Reduction Working Group for reducing the generation of solid waste in the District and increasing the District's solid waste diversion rate;

(6) Publishing annually on its website the reports issued to the Council pursuant to § 8-1031.13; and

(7) Registering all collectors and vehicles engaged in the collection or transportation of solid waste in accordance with § 8-1031.06.