Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–503.01. Establishment of the Department of Aging and Community Living.

(a) There is established a Department of Aging and Community Development. All the functions of the Office on Aging are hereby transferred to the Department. The Department shall provide within the District government a single administrative unit, responsible to the Mayor, to administer the provisions of the Older Americans Act (P.L. 89-73, as amended), and such other programs as shall be delegated to it by the Mayor or the Council of the District of Columbia, and to promote the welfare of the aged.

(b) The mission of the District of Columbia Department of Aging and Community Living is the following:

(1) To advocate, plan, implement, and monitor programs in health, education, and social services for the elderly;

(2) To promote longevity, independence, dignity, and choice for aged District residents, District residents with disabilities regardless of age, and caregivers;

(3) To ensure the rights of older adults and their families, and prevent their abuse, neglect, and exploitation;

(4) To uphold the core values of service excellence, respect, compassion, integrity, and accountability; and

(5) To lead efforts to strengthen service delivery and capacity by engaging community stakeholders and partners to leverage resources.